WinFuel 2.0 HPP® Server Software

ASI’s standard bearer proprietary software WinFuel® is evolving to the next gen standard bearer, WinFuel HPP 2.0™ for WAVI compatibility and RFID functionality. WinFuel 2.0® has the following specifications:


Software Specifications

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    • Server based for reliability and backup
    • Compatible with Microsoft Server Versions 2008R2 to 2019
    • Fully Multi-User
    • Allow BOTH Client/Server AND Web based operation with one database
    • Client/Server support on Windows 10 PC’s providing extra security
    • Web based support for viewing on PC, MAC or mobile browsers
    • ZCC – Zero Client Configuration
    • Secure login with multiple User Accounts
    • Compatible with most Virtual Machine Environments
    • Connects to Customer’s WiFi within range
    • Cloud Hosting Capability (optional)
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    • A simple, modern, functional dashboard shall be available for quick data views of all tables
    • Notifications for errors and alerts
    • Quick filtering in Grid View
  • Database

    • Uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 or higher
    • Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • Reports

    • Over 40 Lists and Reports available
    • Ad-hoc capability
    • User defined report capability
    • Automated Reports by day, week or month
  • Communication

    • RTT – Real Time Transaction capability (optional)
    • Automatic Polling of all sites
    • Fail-safe Transaction recovery
    • Communication to sites by direct serial connection, dial-up, Ethernet, Wifi, Cellular or satellite
  • Data Exports

    • Export transactions in a stable, standardized text format
    • Export transactions in Excel and CSV format
    • Export filters by time and date, Divisions, Vehicles and Operators
    • Re-export capability
    • Automated Exporting capability
  • Data Transfer

    • For transferring data to other software such as Asset Management, Fleet Maintenance, and Accounting software:
      • WinFuel HPP 2.0® has API’s for almost all table
      • Capability of two way data transfer to and from other software through API’s
      • Table view of Transactions for direct access
  • Inventory Control

    • One button reconciliation of tank inventories for reporting purposes
    • Inventory reports, graphs and visuals
    • Fuel delivery with time, date, invoice number, supplier, gross and temperature compensated quantities
      • Fuel drops obtained from ATG (Automatic Tank Gauges)
      • ATG interfaces for Veeder Root TLS350, Incon EVO ATG with Ethernet and TLS capabilities, Centeron ATG
      • Inventory Dollar Cost Averaging
      • Based on TVWA (Total Volume Weighted Average) calculated on proper manual input of Fuel Deliveries requiring volume and price on delivery
      • Automatic Totalizer Readings
      • Inventory data points from the Attendant HPP™ fuel dispensing, ATG’s and/or manual Tank Inventory Dips
  • Notifications

    • Errors or situations notify users by email or SMS where applicable
    • User defined messages for Operators, Vehicles and Divisions


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