DEF Jammer

Diesel. Exhaust. Fluid. The name alone makes trucking companies cringe.

Managing fuel was hard enough, but now we have another expensive fluid to manage? What is worse is that the DEF nozzles can fit into a fuel tank. If somebody wasn’t paying attention you are looking at a most troubling situation.

ASI of course has a solution. The DEF Jammer is an easy and economical way to keep your DEF from ending up where it shouldn’t with a quick install and the magic of magnetic frequency.


DEF Jammer Summary

  • Custom Software

    All of ASI’s software and hardware products are proprietary, they are developed and manufactured in-house by ASI. From our development and production prowess, ASI’s business model includes flexible value added services, such as custom design and programming solutions, to fulfill a diverse range of customer needs and requirements. Examples of our value added services have ranged from simple requests such as creating a custom report in WinFuel®, to complete new features and tailor made solutions for specific operational variants across industry sectors.

  • Driver Incentive Program

    Expanding on the premium proprietary software products in our line, ASI is pleased to offer a driver incentive program. This program is compatible with WinFuel®, but it is also designed to work independently. The program is also compatible with some third party arms-length commercial card-lock providers such as T-Check and other generic card-lock providers.

    This program will help fleet managers establish and quantify fuel economy best practices through positive reinforcement with monetary incentives for top tier performers.

    This program is offered as a desktop PC license or as a Web app that you can access remotely with a secure login and password. Take a look below at the benefits of the program as reported in our case studies. This information was reported by actual trucking company owners who tested the software.

  • Custom Export Interface

    ASI has been commissioned to write custom export interfaces with other fleet management programs and accounting software. WinFuel® has a standard .txt output file for transactions and also exports to Microsoft Excel. These 2 types of export files can be imported into most 3rd party software, please note; the customer has to go through the export/import steps. A custom export interface will allow WinFuel® to push data to other 3rd party software automatically without going the through the extra steps. This can save time as well as decrease the chance of error. We have partnered with several 3rd party fleet management programs such as Paradigm Business Systems, Hansen Technologies, Aventis Systems and others.

    Contact ASI today for a consultation and quote.

  • Service & Support

    The ASI Service Department has built a reputation over the last 30+ years, as being one of the most knowledgeable and eager to help in the industry. When you call ASI for service or inquires you will always be talking to a real live person who can either answer your question directly or direct you to the technician who can better assist you.

    Whether it is a quick inquiry, or a call that requires on-site service, you can count on the ASI Service Team to respond quickly and professionally and use precise trouble shooting to get to the root cause of the problem.

    Our service technicians are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and take pride in offering our customers the help they need to get their system up and running.

    To reach the ASI Service Department, please call 905-643-8289 and ask reception for Service.You can also reach the ASI Service Department via e-mail at


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