WAVI™ (Wireless Automatic Vehicle Identification)

WAVI™ is the newest and most sought after technology in the fluid management market. Partnering with the leading European fuel management firm Hectronic, ASI can deliver the very best quality AVI systems that will push operational fuel management efficiency into the twenty-first century.

ASI’s WAVI™ leverages vehicle identification technology to automatically prevent cross-fuel contamination while identifying vehicle/equipment. The validation process is simple — the nozzle or dispenser is inserted into the fill pipe. That’s it. Correspondingly, the driver may identify himself with a PIN or other access media, but the vehicle itself with be identified simply by the insertion of the nozzle into the fill pipe. An optional inclusive feature is automatic odometer and/or operating hours data collection with ASI VDU (Vehicle Data Unit) device. 

WAVI (Wireless Automatic Vehicle Identification)

WAVI™ Summary

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    • RFID Tag at the fill pipe doesn’t require any wiring inside the vehicle
    • Nozzle reader transmits vehicle identification to The Attendant HPP™ via the island reader for validation
    • Optional operator identification at the vehicle or at the Attendant HPP™ using code, Touch Memory® or proximity media
    • Optional VDU (Vehicle Data Unit) can provide mileage and/or hours of operation wirelessly
    • Optional GPS tracking and OBDII data collection with web based reporting


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