The Sentry Lock™

Don’t leave your fuel unprotected. When you leave the office, you lock the door, but how do you lock up your fuel? ASI has a solution designed specifically for the security of your inventory, for peace of mind and inventory control you will find our basic technology provides excellent value.

The Sentry Lock™ is designed to provide an economical solution to small fuelling operations. The Sentry Lock™ is perfect for customers who simply want to limit fuel access to authorized users. The Sentry Lock™ will control one pump via a PIN entry and up to 50 different PINs can be programmed. 

ASI Sentry Lock

The Sentry Lock™ Summary

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    Control & Accountability

    • Controls virtually all types of pumps, mechanical and electric, up to 120V/20A or 240V/10A
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    • Code / PIN entry
    • Secure, weather-proof outdoor enclosure