The Attendant™

The Attendant™ is recognized as a fuel management industry standard for over 30 years. This work-horse of fuel management capability has built a solid reputation across public and private sector industries for reliability, durability and user friendly command and control functionality. Ideally suited to take on and master the fuel tracking and reporting needs of larger capacity fleets, while accommodating up to eight (8) hoses of various fuel and fluid products. All hoses can be concurrently activated for simultaneous product dispensing depending on your specific needs. 

Designed to handle any size fleet, in any capacity, the Attendant™ is robust fuel and fluid management technology powered by first class proprietary software, WinFuel™.

The attendant low-res product

The Attendant™ Summary

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    Cost Savings

    • Eliminates the need for a fuelling attendant or inefficient manual recording
    • Eliminates unaccountable fuel — fuel access only by authorized personnel and vehicles
    • Automates your accounting procedures
    • Automates your preventive maintenance program
    • Increases fuel availability, 24 hours / 7 days a week
    • Interfaces with various fleet and accounting software
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    Control & Accountability

    • Over 25 standard lists and reports
    • Optional audit trail printer provides immediate detail of all activity
    • Automatic daily usage report with low inventory reminder
    • Controls up to 8 hoses
    • Extensive diagnostics
    • Virtually unlimited transaction storage
    • Modular electronic pump controls with automatic pump sensing
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    • Secure system bypass located at the fuel island
    • Emergency stop button included
    • Preset maximum fuel limits and tank capacities
    • Low voltage connections at the island provides safer installation and operation
    • No heater required
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    • Variety of access methods, including:
      • Code / PIN entry
      • Touch Memory key
      • Proximity card
    • UPS (un-interruptible power supply) included
    • Odometer reasonability check with automatic update
    • Detailed error messages that reflect all activity at the pumps
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    Additional Features

    • Lifetime telephone support with every system
    • Optional Receipt Printer available
    • Optional Tank Gauging Interface


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